Maternity Care

Prenatal Care

Women usually begin care with us between 8 and 10 weeks gestation and will have between 10 and 14 visits with us before they deliver. We encourage meeting with each of our midwives throughout pregnancy to build and establish a trusting relationship.

  • Your initial visit is 1 ½- 2 hours, and each following visit is 30 minutes-1 hour long.

  • Each visit is personal and informative and covers topics such as nutrition, physical activity, stress reduction, and what to expect during each stage of pregnancy. There will be plenty of time allocated to accommodate any questions or concerns you may have along the way.

  • Clients are offered standard obstetric tests and procedures.

At Your Birth

A midwife will be with you to help as a guide in your birth journey from the moment of active labor, until the birth of your baby. During your labor and birth, our midwives:

  • Check vital signs continuously

  • Assess fetal heart tones

  • Maintain a continual risk assessment

  • Administer IV fluids and antibiotics, if needed

  • Encourage mom to be ambulatory and eat/drink as desired (as long as it is tolerated)

  • Facilitate involvement of family members

  • Assist in aid of maternal relaxation

  • Perform laceration repair, if needed (according to the midwifes level of training and skill)

  • Help promote infant led breastfeeding

  • Conduct a newborn examination following birth

  • And MUCH, MUCH more…

PostPartum Care

During the postpartum period, we check in about mom's transition after birth, infant feeding, contraception options, and overall well-being. We also perform routine newborn screening tests, of which include: metabolic screening, hearing screening, and congenital heart defect screening. Typical visits are:

  • 24-36 hour postpartum visit for mom and baby (for birth center clients)

  • 2 week postpartum visit for mom and baby

  • 6 week postpartum visit for mom

Lactation Support

Along with regular postpartum care, our practice also offers a free feeding assessment with our staff lactation consultant to all of our first time mom's. This support is available to new and previous clients of Midwifery and Women’s Health Care most weekdays by appointment.  Telephone contact is often possible as well.  Most insurance companies will cover a visit with a lactation consultant.

Women's Care

Our Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNMs) provide well-woman care with a balanced medical and holistic approach. They offer:

Annual Wellness Exams - This includes a pap smear (if needed) and pelvic exam, breast exam (and referral for mammogram if indicated), and discussion about diet, exercise and healthy living. It is also an opportunity to look over your family history and suggest appropriate screenings as necessary.

Birth Control and Family Planning - Options include but are not limited to: natural family planning advice, diaphragms, oral contraceptive prescriptions, IUDs and Nexplanon.

Infection  Screening - We can screen and treat for urinary tract infections, upper respiratory infections, vaginal infections (such as bacterial vaginosis and yeast), and sexually transmitted infections.

Menopausal Care- We can discuss maintaining healthy bones, dealing with perimenopausal changes, assuring contraception if applicable, and possible hormonal replacement therapies.

Counseling Services- NEW!

We are so pleased to have the addition of Allison Koos Fox to our team! Women’s mental health in all stages of life is important to us, and we are excited to add Allison as another resource for our clients. Allison’s approach to therapy is influenced by her studies of yoga and meditation as well as the evidence-based ACT therapeutic model, and fully aligns with our model of care. She is now available for counseling appointments Wednesday and Fridays at our clinic. Please call us to schedule an appointment.

Massage Therapy- NEW!

MWHC is excited to have Cristin Carlton, LMT now offering massage therapy in our clinic. She is currently seeing clients for deep tissue, Swedish, pregnancy, or postpartum massage therapy on Thursdays and Fridays. Please call us to schedule an appointment.