Basic Childbirth Education Class

These important topics will be discussed:

  • Overview of the labor process
  • Relaxation and breathing
  • Signs of impending labor
  • True and false labor
  • Phases of labor
  • Comfort measures for labor
  • Kegel exercises
  • Basic breastfeeding
  • Newborn care
  • C-sections and other medical interventions
  • Role of a support person in labor

The classes do not contain information on topics covered extensively in prenatal care, such as nutrition, testing, ultrasounds, etc. The prenatal care that patients receive at Midwifery and Women’s Health Care is both comprehensive and personalized, so these classes focus almost exclusively on the birthing process and the immediate postpartum period. There is ample time allotted at each class to address any individual questions and concerns.

Clients are encouraged to bring a partner or support person to these classes.

Cost of the class is $110.


Breastfeeding 101

This class is designed to teach expecting families the fundamental How’s and Why’s of breastfeeding their new baby. Our class is a one-time, two-hour event meeting on the last Tuesdays of each month (unless its a holiday!), and is available to any and all expecting parents in the community, not just patients of Midwifery and Women’s Healthcare at Geneva Woods. The best time to take this class is within the last six weeks of your pregnancy. We welcome and encourage partners to attend as well, as their support during breastfeeding can be invaluable.

Our class is interactive and fun, and leaves families feeling prepared to breastfeed their babies.  Topics covered include:

— HOW to do it (How to position and latch baby and mama, what to look for)

— WHEN to do it (How often? For how long?)

— WHAT will I need? (helpful items and tips)

— WHERE to get help, if needed

— WHY breastfeed? (Its best for baby, but there are other reasons, too!)

— How to pump and store milk

— What about mama’s diet and her breast milk? (Caffeine?.. Wine?.. Help!)

Cost of the class is $40.

Class Instructors

Janie Sandberg, Basic Childbirth Class Instructor

My husband and I came to Alaska as newlyweds 40 years only to find we were pregnant with our first child. We took a childbirth class from the Childbirth Education Association of Anchorage and had an amazing birth with the preparation I received through them. Through this experience I found the career of a lifetime: teaching pregnant women and their partners. My initial training was through the same organization I had taken a class with, and a year later I received a national and international certification through ASPO/Lamaze.

We have 3 amazing children who live in Alaska with our 5 even MORE amazing grandchildren. All of our grandchildren were born at home with Laura Gore in attendance at 4 of them.

I had been teaching childbirth preparation in Anchorage for 38 years and have been very fortunate to have been teaching at Midwifery and Women’s Health Care since 2006. I also teach classes at Providence Hospital.


Carrie Harris, Breastfeeding 101 Class Instructor (click here for her bio)