Our Staff

We are excited to get to know you! But first, here's a little bit about us...


Trina Strang, CNM, ANP

My journey into midwifery began years ago when I became pregnant with my first son, Skylar, in 1993. My prenatal care with midwives was personal, informative and empowering.  I immediately knew that I must become a midwife!  I entered nursing school soon after his birth and I was fortunate to get my first job, as a nurse, in the maternity center at Providence. After spending years gaining knowledge of child birth and helping to empower women and families during their birthing experiences, I returned to school to complete my midwifery education.  It was during this training, that I birthed my second son, Kai, at the birth center.  I have been a part of Midwifery and Women’s Health Care at Geneva Woods ever since! Some days I can’t believe how fortunate I am to live in such an amazing place to enjoy the outdoors with my family and friends, while also being a part of such a progressive birthing community. 

Laura Gore, CDM, CPM

I started my journey to midwifery after the birth of my first child in 1985. I fell in love with birth and the idea of helping families welcome their babies. I became a Childbirth Educator and Doula in 1986, a birth assistant in 1994, and an Apprentice Midwife in 1995. I then become a Direct Entry Midwife (CDM) in 1999, and went on to run an independent midwifery practice called “Moonlight Midwifery” where I attended both home and birth center births. I joined and became a partner of MWHC in the fall of 2009. I have a wonderful, supportive husband, as well as 2 sons and a granddaughter; whose birth I was lucky enough to be a part of in 2013. I continue to enjoy the privilege of helping families with their own pregnancy and birth journeys.

Felicity Smith,


My journey to becoming a midwife started as a child. I was always intrigued by pregnancy and babies. My training as a nurse solidified my desire to work with women and their families during this major life event. I completed midwifery training in Australia that did not transfer to Alaska when I moved here with my husband in 2008. In my quest to find how midwifery worked in Alaska I met and started working with the wonderful midwives of MWHC. I completed state recognized training as a Direct Entry Midwife under the tutelage of Laura Gore then started work as a midwife in the clinic in 2010. I love providing care to women throughout the entirety of their pregnancy journey.

I have two wonderful boys who were both born with the expert guidance of the midwives of MWHC. My husband, a born and raised Alaskan man, and I love raising our boys in this beautiful state filled with so many opportunities for adventure.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Patricia Young, CNM, WHNP


I joined the Midwifery and Women’s Health Care team in Fall of 2013.  My own journey in midwifery began during my undergraduate education in Biology and Women’s Studies in northeastern Iowa.  The more I learned about historical and current birthing practices, I found myself wholly aligning with the midwifery philosophy and approach to women’s health care.  I ventured westward to Seattle gaining experience as a labor support and postpartum doula, and met my husband along the way.  Our next stop was San Francisco where I received a graduate nursing education at UCSF to become both a board-certified Nurse-Midwife and Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner.  My time granted me opportunities to work among diverse populations and incorporate mindfulness into my practice. When I am not working, I enjoy coffee, jigsaw puzzles, and exploring Alaska.



Healthy living, informed choice, family and community are the foundations by which I base my values. As a staff midwife at MWHC I’ve been able to encompass all of these aspects into my practice. I am a Certified Direct Entry Midwife, licensed by the State of Alaska. I also have a Bachelors of Kinesiology which compliments my midwifery and women’s healthcare training through the scientific study of physiological, mechanical, and psychological aspects of the human body. As a midwife I am honored to help guide women in making the best choices for themselves and their families, which I am blessed to continuously witness through the power and beauty of birth.

In November 2014 I welcomed my daughter, Pia, into the world, experiencing as a client the support MWHC gives every family on their journey through parenthood. As a mother, my gratitude comes from knowing Pia has wonderful illustrations of what kind, knowledgeable and strong is from my family at MWHC.                                                                        

Tapia Stover, CNM, ANP


It is an honor to join the wise women of Midwifery and Women's Health Care. I started my journey into midwifery as a child begging my mama to let me spend nights with her in the lambing barn. As I prepared to leave home, I realized my journey had more to do with holistic healthcare, maternal empowerment, and community building than it did raising livestock. Eventually the road led me to Alaska, where my husband was born and raised. On my path, I have attended births as a doula, was a level 2 NICU and board certified pediatric nurse, was a birth assistant at MWHC, then became a certified nurse-midwife. While growing my own babies, I have been doing well woman and reproductive health care, but I look forward to resuming maternity care as another way to serve our community.

Office Staff


Cindy Owens
Medical Assistant, Birth Assistant

I have enjoyed working with the midwives of MWHC since 2000. I have 3 children and 1 grandchild. I love being a part of a woman’s pregnancy and birth into motherhood. I attend births at Anchorage Birth Center as a birth assistant, and work in the office as a medical assistant. Working with the staff, midwives and patients of MWHC has and continues to be such a rewarding and fulfilling experience. 





CArrie Harris, CLC
Postpartum Care Coordinator


I’ve been a La Leche League Leader here in Anchorage for 7 years, and am currently pursuing my IBCLC. I have three wild little boys, two of whom were born with the midwives at MWHC. I’m passionate about breastfeeding, all things birthy, and maternal mental health advocacy and education. I do state and federal level advocacy work on maternal mental health issues, and serve on the board of the Postpartum Support International - Alaska chapter. Helping mothers and babies meet their own breastfeeding goals, and supporting women through their postpartum period is my dream job, and am excited to begin my work at MWHC!

Meggan Judge
Records Manager , Birth Assistant

As a young girl, I was fascinated by my mom's work as a nurse. When I grew up and had my own children, I discovered the midwifery model of care and knew my future lay in that direction. Now that my children aren't babies anymore, I finally have been able to join Anchorage Birth Center as a birth assistant. It is a privilege to work alongside these amazing women to provide the best care for mothers and their families in a beautiful environment. I also work in the clinic as the records manager. In the future I hope to receive more formal training in breastfeeding and childbirth education, but for now I am thrilled to be where I am. 

When I'm not in the office, I'm usually at a board meeting for a local non-profit, chauffeuring my five children around Anchorage, or traveling with my husband in search of live music and excellent coffee. 


Nichole Bixby

I started working at Midwifery and Women's Health Care in September of 2016. I am a life long Alaskan and have no intentions of leaving this state.  I am the youngest of 3 girls. Spending time with my family is one of my favorite things to do. I have a beautiful daughter Jillian who was born in June 2016.  I love that I am able to spend my days working around expecting mothers and infants.  I hope to one day become a birthing assistant for Anchorage Birth Center.




Sarah Ostermann-Buechler, CPC
Coding, Compliance and Credentialing Coordinator

I joined Midwifery and Women’s Health Care in February of 2015.Though my time here hasn’t been long, I am enjoying every minute of it. I have been immersed in the coding and billing profession for 10 years, in varying specialties.  A Georgia transplant, I spend my summer camping, hiking and having fun with friends, and my winters with a fire and good book. I especially enjoy using American Sign Language in the deaf community.