Testimonials About Our Midwives

"I had such a wonderful experience. It was such a healing experience after my first birth in the hospital. I wanted to thank the midwives at the clinic for such personal care and to Onica and Cindy who attended my birth. They were everything that I needed at the time. They helped me process my fears and overcome them. Onica really helped me to be real with myself and accept myself. I had a vision of who I would be in labor and that isn't what I was like at all. Onica helped me to accept that and to own my own labor. Cindy's presence at my birth offered me such peace; she has such a motherly spirit. And in the end both my husband and I were blessed with an amazing experience that brought us closer together. Thank you all for all that you do."- Nicole, October 2015

(photo above is of Nicole and her family on the day of her son's birth)

Thank you for exceeding all of our expectations. We have wonderful memories of our last baby’s birth to share with him. And thank you for being so flexible when our child care plans fell through and our boys came with us for the whole time (rather than coming at the last minute). I think if anyone had given me negative vibes about the boys coming (my husband, mom or midwives) I would have had a hard time with labor. Instead, it was positive and helpful and it all worked. Thank you.


“Without sounding too sentimental and mushy, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in the possibility of a VBAC. Even in the final hour of my labor when I didn’t believe it was possible, you were radiant with positive thoughts an energy. This birth, I was in full control and finished with the most wonderful experience, like I always dreamed of having her on my chest looking up at me. And your words, “Kelli, reach down and take your baby”… WOW! I ended my childbearing days on the most positive note, a positive pregnancy (no complications), positive labor, positive birth, and a beautiful little girl, Katelyn.”

“The professional atmosphere and personalized care at Midwifery and Women’s Health Care exceeded my expectations of any medical service. Ample time is given for all appointments so I rarely waited beyond the appointed time, and received thorough care at each visit.”

“Mountains of thanks to you for helping to bring our wonderful baby daughter into this world. It was an experience I’ll cherish in my heart to the end. Thank you, also, for being such a strong advocate of us and our desire for a natural birth – I am joyful with the outcome.”